Classification description — Engineering and scientific support personnel


The descriptions contained herein are generally derived from selection standards established by the Public Service Commission for the recruitment and selection of personnel within the Public Service of Canada. It should be noted that these specifications are general in nature and more precise details relating to the specific job requirement are to be supplied to the Contractor at the time of the call-up.

Engineering and scientific support personnel (EGESS)

Work performed by engineering and scientific support personnel deals with the conduct of analytical, experimental, investigative and other fact finding work in the natural and physical sciences, the operation and maintenance of equipment required for these purposes, and of engineering or scientific systems and processes; the observation, calculation, recording and interpretation of the results of tests and analyses, and the design, construction, modification and calibration of equipment used for these purposes or devised as a result of the work.

Duties performed support a wide range of specialties as exemplified by the following:

Specifications, estimates, inspections and building designs

Civil engineering
Design and construction of buildings, roads, runways, bridges and dams; soil analyses

Legal and topographical land surveys, chartworks and geological investigations

Building services
Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, design, construction, and maintenance of electrical systems, power generation, transmission and distribution

Marine and aeronautical engineering
Design, construction, and maintenance of ships, aircraft and components

Areas of sedimentary geology, geophysics, or other geosciences related to hydrocarbons

Industrial systems
Production control, plant design and lay-out, design of mail-handling equipment and systems

Researching mining geology, mining geophysics as related to mineral exploration, metallurgy

Mechanical engineering
Machine design and maintenance, testing and calibration of instruments

Automotive engineering
Design and testing of vehicular equipment, internal combustion and turbine engines

Research in animal science, biology, biochemistry, food science, plant science and entomology

Research in agriculture, textiles, forestry, food, drugs and pesticides and in the physical and soil sciences

Research in virology and bacteriology

Food technology
Studies in food quality, effects of processing and storing

Research in fire, pathology, entomology, land classification, forest management, mensuration, tree biology, soil and forest products

Prosthetics and orthotics
Fabrication of prosthetic and orthotic devices, such as artificial limbs

  1. Technicians (EGESS) level "A"

    Candidates must be able to code and file technical information; analyse products to determine their compliance with acts, regulations, standards, or to improve existing testing methodology; perform fine laboratory work to obtain data required for evaluations; receive, log in, label, store varying forms of products and make them available for tests; observe, record and report data.

    These qualifications are normally obtained through successful completion of secondary school coupled with some experience in a related work specialty or post-secondary education in a relevant field.

  2. Technicians (EGESS) level "B"

    Candidates must be able to maintain service and assist in the calibration of all related machines and equipment; plan, organize, implement work evaluation programs in respect to the assignment; plan, design, develop investigation programs in view of solving problems, provide technical consultant services; plan schedules, implement controls, and report on operations.

    These qualifications are normally obtained through post-secondary education in a relevant field coupled with considerable experience in the related work specialty.

  3. Technicians (EGESS) level "C"

    Candidates must be able to design and develop equipment, evaluate and maintain devices and systems; investigate design failures; provide consultant services; develop testing procedures and programs, prepare designs, cost estimates and contract specifications; ensure that standards, policies, regulations and costs are observed; and provide technical guidance as required. These qualifications are normally obtained through post-secondary education in a relevant field coupled with extensive experience in the related work specialty.

  4. Technicians (EGESS) level "D"

    Qualifications and experience to be the same as EG-ESS level C with the following addendum:

    • Candidates must have all the qualifications of level C but in addition must possess a diploma or degree in the relevant discipline and should have previously supervised technical personnel

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