Classifications for regional temporary help services (except the National Capital Region and Quebec)

Find information on the various classifications of temporary help we buy, and the geographic regions of service. Classifications may vary for each geographical area based on availability.

Note to contracting authorities

These descriptions are the minimum standards, although you may be able to refine these descriptions (such as adding specific computer application skills). If your requirement falls outside of the scope of this catalogue, please contact the standing offer authority for the area.

Administrative support

Professional and administrative

Technical and operational

Telecommunications and engineering services

More detailed descriptions for the Administrative support category can be found in Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) standard "Classification and Descriptions for Administrative Support Temporary Help" (CAN/CGSB 168.1-91) dated May 1991 available at a fee from:

Canadian General Standards Board – Sales
Place du Portage Phase III 6B1
11 Laurier St
Gatineau QC K1A 1G6

Telephone: 819-956-0425 or 1-800-665-2472
Fax: 819-956-5644


To shorten the number of classifications, librarians, writers, editors, proofreaders, and information services individuals will be classified as information professionals. Junior, intermediate, senior (versus level I, II, and III) and a number of other categories have been similarly simplified.

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